Honky-Tonk Country Music

After 10 years of playin' modern, mainstream and commercial country music in pubs, at Line dance clubs, and on Festivals, Robert got back to his roots to play the "Real Deal". Finest, honest, original and Honky-Tonk country music.

If you want to experience the feel of being' in a real Honky-Tonk, Robert is the one you're looking for. Honky-Tonk at it's best.


Living room Concert

A living room concert is a 100% acoustic country music venue that takes place at your own home. This can be in your living room, garden or even in your garage. The only things you need is plenty of seats or pillows for all your friends (the more, the better), some drinks and small bites for your friends and me... And for the ambience, candles or maybe a nice campfire...

(Please note: Campfire only outside ...!!) I'll play a series of songs that I grew up with (the most are country and some just ain't...)




and small-talk for about two hours where you can sing along or even dance to...

I almost know for sure that I'm gonna play songs you didn't hear in a long long time. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show...


A Living Room Concert as a Birthday Present...


If you like to know more details or have any other questions for a concert at your own home, just send me an email or fill out the contact form for more information, the price and conditions. Make sure you invite your friends and I hope to see you very soon, in your own living room...