Honky-Tonk Country Music

After 10 years of playing modern, mainstream and commercial country music in pubs, at Line dance clubs, and on Festivals, Robert got back to his roots to play the "Real Deal". Finest, honest, original and Honky-Tonk country music. If you want to experience the feel of being' in a real Honky-Tonk, Robert is the one you're looking for. Honky-Tonk at it's best.


What do you get...

What you can get is about four hours of Traditional, Honky-Tonk Original and also acoustic country music repertoire.


Also available for pure 100% acoustic venues. More than two hours of honest acoustic country music. Robert keeps the audience entertained in listening.


Acoustic living room & campfire concerts

A living room concert is a 100% acoustic country music venue that takes place at your own home.  Read more...

Acoustic Brotherhood of Country

The “Acoustic Brotherhood of Country” is a 4 musicians 100% acoustic project. They’re passion… Acoustic music. Singer/songwriter alike venues, telling stories about songs, people and experiences.

The idea started in 2015 where 2 singer and musicians share some thoughts about playing acoustic guitar in front of a small audience. It never came to it. But... At the end of the year 2016 the plan started to come alive again. ABC, The “Acoustic Brotherhood of Country” got his name and the project was reborn. 4 singer and musicians, 4 guitars, 4 voices, 4 styles mixed together in The Brotherhood of Country.


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